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Who we rooting for Today Giants or Eagles...

who will it be  

84 members have voted

  1. 1. Giants or Eagles

    • Giants
    • Eagles
    • Tie-McNabb probably thinks there could be one

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Yeah I am pulling for McNabb. I really admire the way he has handled all the crap he has had to endure over the years, and he just keeps getting better with time.

But, I would also like to see Arizona go ALL THE WAY! Eagles or Cardinals to win the SB would be my choice. While I am not exactly fond of Eagle fans, they have endured a lot of disappointments over the years. Same for the Cardinals.

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lol, duhhh

u cant hold a grudge on that!

Actually, I was at that game with a good seat down low, and that's when I saw Brandon Jacobs in action. I'll never forget him pounding up and down the field, bowling over some Falcons with other Falcons hanging all over him. He looked like a run away freight train.

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If the Eagles get into the Superbowl, we get to pick one position higher in the draft, so we definitely want them to win.

We want either the Eagles or Carrdinals for the NFC in the Superbowl and the Chargers in for the AFC..that would allow us to pick 23rd in each round instead of 25th.

EXACTLY why I'm pulling for the Eagles... then Cardinals in NFCC!

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