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1. that we should have been nfc south champions

2.that the nfc south was all smoke and mirrors

3. that ken whisenhutcan game plan better than our coaches when it comes playoff time

4. that the cardinals know real offense & defensive lineman when they see one.

5. that jake delhome

is a ******.


That the Panthers were overrated as **** and nothing but "paper champions" as usual.

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It shows we really had a chance and blew it. This loss did not help our argument of being the best division in football. It also makes me wish I was a fly on the wall when the Cardinals prepare for a game because they have outcoached two good coaches. I have to give it to them, they pick one facet of a teams offense, and just create turnovers. Finally, it showed me that we'll be back, we're a young growing team.

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well it looked like it was more than just jake delhome looking special ed out their, it just look like they studied all the panthers routes and then they shut down all their run lanes after the first score. i think we are looking at an underated coaching staf that knows how to prepare for a playoff game.

I agree. Ken Wisenhunt's one focused, intelligent mofo. A few months ago the guy played scratch golf from the tips at Augusta National and eagled #11, which has been done exactly twice in 70 years of tournament history. I know this has nothing to do with his coaching ability, but anyone who knows golf and knows Augusta knows that it says a h*** of alot about his concentration and mental toughness. We may see quite a bit of the Cards in the playoffs the next several years.

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ken whisenhunt is who i wanted for HC when we hired puketrina.

still, i love how our front office and staff turned out a year later WAY better. i know we lost to the cards, but i believe we got the best HC in the long run. we did not get blown out by the cardinals and that was with 2 int's, and a fumble for a TD. with all that we only lost by 6.

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That the Cardinals weren't the pushovers people though they were?

That they play the games for a reason?

That sometimes the glass slipper slips off one teams foot and lands on another?

thats a great analogy pencilpusher that a grass slipper slips off one foot on to another, do you know that some of the panter fans are so teed off they are burning their jurseys and balling jerseys up and throwing them in the corner.i
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