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How do you rank the OT's in this years draft?


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There are 3 Top 5 legit LT's but everyone has a different opinion as to who is the best. Then there's a load of great OT's that in the 2nd and 3rd round range.

My List

1. Michael Oher - Mississippi

2. Eugene Monroe - Virginia

3. Andre Smith - Alabama

4. Jason Smith - Baylor

5. Eben Britton - Arizona

6. Troy Kropog - Tulane

7. Jamon Meredith - South Carolina

8. William Beatty - Connecticut

9. Phil Loadholt - Oklahoma

10. Augustus Parrish - Kent State

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Some Lions fans are so ******** they think Andre Smith will be a bust cuz he's fat and because of that suspension. lol some are suggesting taking Taylor Mays, B.J. Raji or Ray Maualuga with their #1 pick :lol:

I think the 0-16 season has really gotten to Lions fans. What you are suggesting falls under two categories: Insanity and Delusional.

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Andre Smith has been my #1 overall prospect basically the entire season. After him, I don't really know. Since we got Baker last year, I haven't been paying as much attention to the position. But there's definitely a good chance that we draft a RT fairly early.

I'm hoping they also draft a RT early. Say 2nd or 3rd round

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