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After Further Review, We need a DEFENSE!

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It is obvious to me that we got by with a bit of a smoke and mirror defense this year. We had only 1 playmaker (Abraham), a decent line, an average linebacking core, and a slightly below average secondary. I'm not telling the coaches anything as they tried covering things up. But after watching some serious defense from Philly and Baltimore, there is the standard we need to shoot for.

Philly blitzed alot, knowing that their secondary could handle 1 on 1 coverage until the DL sacked or rushed the QB. Ours couldn't do that much. Baltimore is a mean defensive team and it made up for what they lack on the offsensive side.

I know Thomas Dimitroff will take care of this. I think Brookings is out. Boley may be out. Houston cannot cover anyone and needs to either improve or get out. A good DT, LB, and CB is badly needed along with a TE on the other side of the ball, Finally, Michael Turner ran the ball 375 times this year. He won't last 3 years at that pace. Use Norwood or trade him for someone you will use. I sure like our future alot better than I did last year. We're not far away from going deeper in the playoffs. Phoenix scored the most points on our defense than anyone else all year and we only lost by 6 after giving up 3 TD's on 3 strange plays (their bomb with Milloy and Houston looking at the receiver, the 70 yard run Arizona had after a 5 yard pass, and the fumble/TD at the start of the 3rd Q). We're almost there.....!!

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