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Do you want the Panthers to win?

Do you wan the Panthers to win?  

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  1. 1. Do you wan the Panthers to win?

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no you cant cheer for the panthers you gotta cheer for the ravens now they are just like us a turn around team with a rookie coach and qb either them or the cards in the nfc since they beat us in the first round wouldnt you feel better if you lost to the super bowl champs!!!!

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I assumed this poll was talking about the Cards game. Yes, I want them to win that one. After that, I'll only root for them if the Ravens get knocked out. I'm going for th eonly other rookie HC/QB tandem still alive.

Yep. I love that Ravens' team. I don't understand why some people want Flacco to lose just so it makes Ryan look better. As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing wrong with having two very good rookie QBs. I'm so jealous of that Baltimore defense. Those guys are awesome.

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it doesnt matter who we root for. Carolina WILL beat Arizona. the cardinals arent that good, there were many factors why we lost to arizona, but not because they were the more complete team. They will lose on the road to a strong carolina team. Its too hard to win on the road, some more than others. Carolina will beat them something like 35-24

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like the other guy said, if the cardinals continue their play and go all the way, it makes us look better

Why because we had a rookie QB? Or because we had several players hurt and still playing in that game like Abraham to name one.... Nothing the cardinals do will help this FALCONS team no matter how you put it, the more they win the more it reminds me and others of what happened in the wild card game loss, which was one turnover too many period........ I hope the cardinals lose!

I will never pull for any team in the NFL to win but the FALCONS, but I will tell you this : The way this playoff situation is starting to look to me "I think the Ravens are gonna win it all"..... They are just too strong at this points and the Titans aren't all that IMO........

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