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Who do you pick to win the Superbowl?

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I really like the Ravens, but would hate to see Flacco get a ring before Ryan. So selfishly, I'm picking the Eagles. McNabb deserves it. I would love to see McNabb get a ring then give the team the bird and skip town.

Ditto, I can't stand the Eagles or thier fans but I feel really bad for McNabb. His givin alot to that team and that city and has taken alot of backlash from them over thier years together. I'd love it it if he got a ring then left them to go play somehwere else.

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I'm torn between Cardinals vs. Ravens and Cardinals vs. Chargers. I do want a rookie head coach and rookie QB to get to the SB and the Ravens are the only one remaining, but I want the Cards to win it because the Cards are huge underdogs and I want Warner to get a SB ring to make up for the one he was literally cheated out of by the Pats. It would be a nice "passing the torch" story if Warner wins this one then the next year Ryan wins. I'm picking the Cards over the rest of the remaining NFC teams is because the Panties are a divisional foe and they've been going through the same process we are since 2003 and I don't want them to ever complete it. Giants and Eagles are from the NFC East and I really don't like that division. I kinda don't want the Chargers to win because that will just rub in how bad we messed up in the 2001 draft. I'm going for another underdog SB winner in Arizona.

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