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I'll take pathetic NFL franchises for 200 Alex.

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lol...where were you when we stomped ya? can't wait to see the Panthers fizz out much like the Bucs did this year

At least the Panthers were able to put up 4 TDs on the road against the Falcons. How many did the Falcons post up on the road against the Panthers??? Ohhhhh that's right..... Zero!!!!

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This NFL South team has a .411 winning percentage since their inception in 1966

Who are the Atlanta falcons.

Indeed a common reply to trolls

You know, if they feel that inclined to come onto another teams site talkin' crap, so be it. Is it really that bad they have to come over here and do that? Are their team chat boards that bad...WTF? Especially since their team is still in it? You have nothing better to do than to come onto Atlanta's boards talkin' stuff. Wow. In all honesty and I'm not just sayin' it but I feel bad for you guys. That pathetic. Talkin' crap to a bunch of football fans whos team just lost in the playoffs and yours hasn't even stepped foot onto the field. Sure they might win next week...alright. Somebody has to. Why talk ****? If it makes you feel important or more of a man or whatever, no sweat of my sack. I'll live with it if it makes your life better. These message boards or how Atlanta does doesn't effect my life. So if it so effects your life you need to do that, I'm sorry.

Please foward this to all trolls. I feel sorry for you all.

If my team won or another team lost, I wouldn't be beating down the door on their message boards.

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