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What do we do with Vick?

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it looks like he'll be reinstated by next season, so what do we do with him,can we trade him for some draft picks or for another good player on another team, or can we keep him and put him at another position which would suit his running style

Very sad to see that someone would want Vick back on this team. Do you know anything about team chemistry and how important that is.

Its the very reason this team went as far as it did this year.

Why would you want to disrupt that?

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I would put him on special teams and make him run up and down the field trying to tackle the other teams runner

no we're good at that already, DeCoud seems to be that guy

Well to me it is either that or he can learn to be the water boy or the towel manager in the locker room..... No really I say trade him and let another team worry about paying him...

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