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Falcons homecoming and some help

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I am an Atlanta Falcon born and raised (well Marietta) and I wanted to ask everyone a question because as much as I THINK I love the falcons and how much of a fan I THINK I am, there are tons of you guys and gals that would run circles around my head with their dirty bird knowledge. So here is the question.

It's been done before, I know at least I did it for the Braves a decade ago, is it or would be possible to find out when our team's flight comes in a Hartsfield?

I would absolutely LOVE to throw together a welcome home party for our guys when they get off the plane but I don't really know where to go for that kind of information....when it will be, who all would come, you all know what I'm talking about.....

If something like this is already in the works please let me know, if not then consider this the "I would like to put together a party" post......


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I got good news and bad news.

Yes, it is possible to know the Falcons schedule by tracking their flight on Delta. They fly under the Flight Number of 9810 (or at least they did this season...it probably changes season to season). Here is a history of that flight number:


Now the bad news....since 9/11 you cannot get through security unless you are a ticketed passenger on another flight because they come into Gate T1 and unlike when you and I fly and we walk on the jetway into the building, they actually take that side door down the steps, onto the tarmac and into busses that take them to Flowery Branch.

I, too, was there a decade ago when the Braves came home and if you remember what they did for the fans is they walked from the plane, onto the jetway, into the building, by the fans, back out the next gate jetway, and then down the stair onto the tarmac and onto the busses. Of course, we did not have to have a boarding pass to get through security back then, remember? ;)

Hope that answers your questions.


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you could try to catch them comming into flowery branch

Yeah, you could probably get an idea of what time they would be arriving back in Flowery Branch by the arrival time of the plane...but remember that they NEVER leave at the scheduled departure time so it is usually best to simply wait for the plane to take off and THEN see what the scheduled arrival time is. It is a chartered plane so it will not leave without its passengers....even if they are an hour or more late ;)

Must be nice, huh?


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