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Tough Loss, Thanks Falcons


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I feel like I am bleeding, this loss hurts so bad, but its been a year that surpassed every expectation I could have had.

Of course, this MB will be unreadable for the next few weeks, so y'all have fun without me. B)

Go Falcons! Is it Draft Season yet?

this is what the haters have been forced to shut up about all season, after a week they will all go away and serious discussion can resume.

The next week will be troll and hater week, then the Mother's in Atlanta will take their computers back.

see you guys when the dust settles, back to PF until the hate subsides

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Totally agree. This year was a great year and well above any expectations. The team has shown signs of a future. Now it is time to see what TD and Smith can do with another off season. It was a tough loss but a loss in a playoff that we were never suppose to be in.

Good job to the FO

Good job to the Rookies

Good job to the players that stepped up their play.

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Absolutely tough loss but I am still prouder of this team than any in memory. They did more with less and even though were were capable of winning today they never quit which is more than I can say of some Falcon teams in recent history. I too will take a hiatus and let the boards calm down.

Thanks for the great memories, Thomas Dimitroff, Aurthur Blank, Mike Smith and his entire coaching staff and the Falcon players. I already can't wait till next year. :D

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