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OMG is this Coach VanGorder ? Since you have no F^%$^# clue I'll help you. All night when Warner had time he picked us apart when we blitzed him he had ZERO completions hoped this helped.

Because we want less people in coverage right? What did blitzes do all game? Hurry 1 play? GTFO and learn some football you idiot. You play safe on 3rd and forever. If Brooking doesn't blow his coverage you wouldn't be making this ****ing topic, if we blitz and get burned (like we did all ****ING DAY) you would be crying about being too aggressive. Shove your armchair playbook up your fat ***.

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I seem to recall a long *** pass that went to Boldin when we got torched on a blitz.

Yeah ok Chris Deangelo I can't turn my head Toast Houston had help from Milloy.

Again watch a good Defense and tell me they would not bring the house at that point in the game especially a play off game.

We are going home with our wonderful play calling so it's a moot point.

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