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our OL is fine. we would be wise to draft another LT prospect in rd 2 if available, or atlaest 3 or 4. clabo might be battling foster for RT next year and dahl has been fine in his first year. he should improve in year two like blaylock. we need baker to get healthy and stronger in the off season. these guys just need to keep playing together to improve. with ryan's improvemnet from year one to year two, the whole offense should look better. i just want to draft another LT and a TE that can challenge for the starting role. we have a good #2, and #3 TE in hartsock and peele. if a good OC is available in or after the draft, pick him up.

DEFENSE is where we need help and primarily in the front SEVEN where we suck at rushing the passer and stopping the run. abraham cant do it all by himself, he needs a counterpart on the other side. biermann is looking like a solid back up to abe, and anderson would be decent enough as a #2 LDE. davis was good this year but money to re-sign him would be better spent on a F/A of elite starter quality. jackson could be brought back after the draft if a replacement is not found. i hope BJ Raji is our #1 pick though. also hope Trey Lewis is back for 09. UT is set two deep. LB needs a lot of attention. if they can find a mid level LB they like in F/A that would spare us the agony of paying so much for so little at OLB in boley and brooking. lofton should get better. a back up for lofton in the draft and a possible starter to push nicholas would be good. in the secondary we need a vet SS, possibly milloy for one more year. could use a back up SS from the draft too. fudge is a good #5, with ability to spot start. foxworth is the one guy on D i really want to re-sign. 1-houston, 2-foxworth, 3-hutchins, 4-jackson, 5-grimes, is pretty solid at CB.

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