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I'm so excited that Ryan and the rest of the young guys are going to get experience in the playoffs so early in their careers. That's huge. I think most of us thought that it would have been 3 or 4 years until we even sniffed the playoffs.

Remember, with a great QB, our team will always be in contention. Just like Peyton Manning with the Colts. No matter how bad Indy's defense has been over the years or the inability for them to run the ball consistently, Manning always gives them a chance. I think we've got the same thing with Matt Ryan.

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ahah send me a FR i need some Falcons fans to play Xbox with sometimes.

my tag is: mjfanatic8403

i dont have live at my house right now (we just switched to qwest and the xbox live wireless adapter wasnt compatible with my old router so i need to wait for the router to get moved to my basement, then ill have it) but i play at my friends houses a time or two a week usually.

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