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Arizona over Atlanta? Hellllllllll no

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Is anyone else out there amazed at how some critics give the birds no respect? (I know we all are) They call matt a rookie qb, yes he's only been in the league for less than a year but he does not perform like a rookie at all. He's poised in the pocket throwing for around 3,500 yards 16 td's and 11 picks. He ranks up there around the top ten best qb's in the league. We're rolling at 5-1 entering into the post season with a total record of 11-5. I know we all know these stats but it just shows how ridiculous some sportscasters are. Our opponents are rolling in with an immpressive 1-2 record with an over all of 9-7 on the season. O and there fearless leader is like what 36. Once kurt ,abraham, and grady become well acquainted with one another im sure our secondary will have no problem picking off his passes thrown to avoid our pass rushers. GO BIRDS!!!

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