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Falcons coach just an everyday man


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Mike Smith is as the article stated, exactly what these team needed, and I am glad he came in and got it done. It wasnt the 1st game, or even the 2nd game that got me to respect Smith. Maybe it was the honest excitement he held at every play, or maybe it was the way carried a subtle commanding presence over the team. He didnt just march in and say....

" Look i got all these awards, and I have done this and that." Instead he earned the respect of all those that are around him. You can see it in the eyes of the players, they truely understand this man, and are willing to kill for him. Win or lose this team is has a REAL COACH! He doesnt just blurt out foul words, chastize on the fly, or worse throw temper tantrums.

I cant actually pin point where Smith became Smitty, or where he went from our coach to our leader. I can however say when it was cemented in stone that this man truely cares for this team.



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I read this when it was posted yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I am amazed by how a seemingly untested, normal everyday guy can come into the situation we had last year and just fit, perfectly!!!

he has made a couple mistakes along the way, but there is not another coach in all of football who hasn't

the big thing is that there is not another coach in the NFL that could have been what Mike Smith has been for us this year.

he is an absof****nlutely perfect fit for us this season!!!!

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