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Davon Drew - TE


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He's been very impressive tonight catching the ball from what i have seen. He's got 109 yards so far on just 4 catches. I don't know how he has done blocking but I'd take him in the 7th just for his receiving skills alone.

Credit to The Dirty Bird, he's been hyping him for awhile. I'm saving him the trouble of finding his old posts for proof lol ;)

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Finally Davon Drew getting some credit from someone other than me!

I didn't see the game unfortunately but I expected as much from Drew. For those of you who don't know - Drew is actually known for his blocking. He is one of the better blocking TEs in the college game and over the past year and some he has added the receiving dimension to his game. I think Drew is the perfect TE for our team, especially since we would not be spending a high pick on him.


6'4, 260 lbs, 4.70 40 yard dash

2007 stats: 19 receptions, 196 yards, 2 TDs

2008 stats: 38 receptions, 575 yards, 3 TDs

As you can see he doubled his reception total and just about tripled his receiving total as compared to last season. He helped Chris Johnson gain almost 2,000 yards from scrimmage last year and 23 TDs with his blocking on the edge that allowed Chris Johnson to turn the corner many times and get into space with his tremendous speed.

Davon Drew is IMO a top-tier tight end playing at a lower-tier school. He can do anything any of the best TEs in the game can do - he can catch, he can block, and he can create mismatches.

I would really love to grab him in the 7th round - thanks for the update Norwood (and the credit B))

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I really like Drew. He looks as if he has the speed to be a deep threat at TE. He would be a good addition in my opinion if he tests the way I think he should. I also like Shawn Nelson, however, he is not really built to be an inline blocker at this point.

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