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Anyone have a Falcons tattoo?

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I know there was a fellow on the boards who had a picture of a Falcons' logo tattooed on his bicep in his sig. Not sure if he's still around posting or not.

Yep, I remember him as well.

The Falcons logo on someone's biceps just don't look right for me, it kinda looks like it was just put there. I'd put the tattoo on my face right under my eye. Just like Lil Wayne has those tears on his face. :lol:

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No, I have a fiance.. the two dont mix haha

Just wait, you think you have it tight right now? Wait til the marriage!

I've been married for almost 4 years now and haven't had any new tattoos since. I convinced her that I'm getting our boys name...little does she know, I'm gonna get the Falcons logos at the same time. Once it's there, it'd be worth her being a little mad for a week or so.

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