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Smith vs. Mora


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The reason that everyone says Dan Reeves would have won a Championship is because he is a proven, tried and true NFL leader, he proved it in 1998, then things happened that was out of his control.

Jamal Anderson blowing out both knees was out of his control.

Chris Chandler washing out was out of his control

Tony Martin getting involued in drugs was out of his control.

Eugene Robinson picking up a hooker that was really a undercover officer in Miami the night before the Superbowl was out of his hands.

Vick breaking his leg before the 2003 season and then taking his sweet little time to get back was out of his control.

The Refs taking a TD away on a hold was out of his control in the playoff game at Philly.

The Georgia Sports Curse was out of his control

Reeves finally had a winning forumla back in place before he was let go with 3 games left in the 2003 season, the offseason move to pickup Hurtwell from the Ravens proven to be one of the biggest falcon offseason mistakes in recent memory. the Hiring of Jim Mora Jr was just a total slap in the face to everything Reeves built and it proved itself out to be so.

2004 - 11-5

2005 - 7-9

2006 - 7-9

2007 - 4-12

Player goes down with injury and the team can't compensate for it and it happening 3 times (Anderson twice - Vick once ) - coaching problem for not being prepared.

Chandler even in his washout year (As you say) still had a better QB rating than his replacement ever had.

Eugene still played that night didn't he? One guy's jock can screw up the entire team? Or was it Chandler's 3 INTs?

You mean where Martin was cut by the Falcons and then later acquitted of all charges - yeah Coach jumped the gun on that one and yes you can put that one on him as he had full control over the roster.

A holding call or a INT for a TD - which can cost a game? 2 INTs - 1 Missed FG - 8 drives out of 11 that went for 6 plays or less (2 of those drives going for negative yardage) - no that is just being out coached.

Georgia Sports Curse? Well if there is a curse then why even support any team I mean it is cursed right? :lol:

And one thing everyone forgets about Reeves' last season - he was informed that yes he would be let go at the end of the season but was asked to finish it out and he said no - he wanted to be released - so in essence -- He Quit! and as far as finishing out the end of the season on a winning formula? He was 1-3 his last 4 games as a coach here - helluva winning formula.

I appreciate Reeves for 1998 but after that really he did little to nothing here but lose.

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I read that Smith's playoff motto is "Why not us?", and it reminded me of a quote from Mora before losing to the Eagles in the NFC Championship. JR said, "We are playing with house money."

Let's think about that. Mora insinuated that we weren't supposed to be there, so there was no pressure. Smitty tells his team that we are as good as anyone in the playoffs, so why not us?

This maybe means nothing to most people, but it was just a subtle reminder to me of how good Coach is.

With everthing so great here now, someone is bound to be sitting in a dark room thinking about Jimmy Boy, LOL!

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