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I honestly feel that Grady Jackson is the reason our run D has been so inconsistent

Pi Kapp

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I know his role has been to take up double teams to free up Babs to penetrate and to free up LBs, but I honestly don't see that happen often at all. Grady gets pushed a bit by one lineman and more linemen hit up LBs and free up huge running lanes for guys to run, it was happening A LOT against the Rams.

I'm not too worried about him against the Cards, they have the worst run game in the league, and we've stopped carolina's run game before, but if we have to go against the Giants, I feel like we won't be able to really stop the run unless we run blitz, but we don't really do that.

I think we should hit FA or the draft for another NT - I think Grady's at the point where he'd be good to go in on obvious run plays so we could run blitz, but otherwise, I don't feel he's a completely adequate starter. Haynesworth would be AMAZING. I can only hope for him.


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