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Keys to the Falcons, Cardinals Matchup !


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The Atlanta Falcons are in the Playoffs for the 1st time since 2004, The Arizona Cardinals have broke into the postseason for the 1st time since 1998, and they are hosting a playoff game for the lst time in over half a century but putting all of that aside, I want to get to the meat and potatos of this game coming up on Saturday 4:35 pm on NBC.

Atlanta Falcons :

The Falcons need to as they have done all season jump up on Arizona early and often, They cannot rest on their lurals against the Cardinals Offense and they must Score TDS, Not Fieldgoals because the Cardinals can be very explosive at times with their pass happy offense. In Order to take control of the game, Atlanta needs to lean on its running game and give Turner at least 25+ carries, if the Running game stalls in the 1st half, The Falcons need to stick with it to wear down a under performing Cardinal Defense and open it up for Matt Ryan to exploit them with his arm. Ryan needs to limit his mistakes this week, and do not allow the Cardinals to bait him into interceptions. Ball Control in very important in this game, The Cardinal Offense can do no harm while it is setting on the bench.

The Atlanta Defense has shown that is a bend but steady defense, They seem to come up with huge plays just when they need them most and they will need some huge plays this weekend in this wildcard game to slow down the Cardinal Offense, A Few Sacks and a couple of turnovers will help the cause greatly, if the Cardinals are able to move the ball at will and Atlanta is unable to pressure Warner and get him out of his comfort zone, it could be a long day for the Falcons.

Arizona Cardinals :

Arizona needs to slash Atlanta's Defense with deep balls and big plays to knock the Falcons off Balance, They need to keep the ball in the hands of their playmakers and do not need to alllow Atlanta to control the tempo of the game with its running attack, They can do this by stacking the line to stop turner and hoping the Matt Ryan is having the playoff Rookie jitters, which Ryan does not seem to ever have but if you are a Cardinal Fan, you have to hope for something...............

My Prediction

Atlanta : 27

Arizona: 17

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