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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


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First, this team has exceeded all expectations this season. I am as proud as I can be that they have held tight and played like a real team should. My congratulations to Coach Smith , Arthur Blank, Thomas Dimitroff, and the Falcons team.

The Good-- the Falcons beat the old sack prevention record by 8 which is a testament to the O-line, we did not lose 2 straight games all season. We broke even on the road. Jamaal Fudge and Bierman combined for 13 tackles. Boley had 11 tackles which is encouraging.

The Bad- if we are to win in Phoenix, someone has got to help out Chris Houston. He cannot cover one on one and looks like the former Falcon Charles Dimiry. Matt Ryan has not shined in a month and that is a bit disturbing. Finally, the Falcons need to pace Michael Turner and quit running him on meaningless off tackle plays. They have a tough RB in Snelling and Jerious Norwood speaks for himself. What is the status of Abraham and Milloy next week? This is big.

The Ugly-- the time of poesession differential was 10 1/2 minutes in favor of the Rams. We had no clue how to stop their running game. Stephen Nicholas now has as many sacks as JA98. Only two sacks out of our LB all year. Finally, our defense looked very confused and has for the past month. Curtis Lofton, no tackles. Babineaux, 2 tackles. Boley and Fudge, 20 tackles combined.

I know, stats are for losers and we certainly aren't that. However its now a 1 loss and gone season and someone needs to step up. We can beat the Cards but they throw a lot and we have to adjust. Everything has fallen our way lately but its time to man-up. If we beat the Cards its either on to NY (if Minnesota beats the Eagles) or Carolina (if the Eagles beat Minnesota). We've beaten Carolina and NY hasn't shown much lately. Its time to adjust and get back on track!!!

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