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Who would you give a game ball too for todays win

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Well as we all know there were alot of records set by the Falcons today.Micheal Koenen set the record for punts,Roddy for most receiving yards for the Falcons, and Turner with the most td's by a falcon.I would give my game ball to Jerious this game for having a never say die attitude.It was like every time the Rams scored in the last half Jerious answered back quickly,allowing us not to lose momentum an if it wasnt for his 2 td's we wouldve lost.So who would you give the Game ball to for the Falcons win??

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I give it to Norwood. He saved us today. I don't think anyone realizes how huge that kick return was before the half since it came right after the Rams got the lead. Then he got the touchdown. Then when we were behind AGAIN he got the other touchdown that put us back on top.

yea i dont think people realize how much momentum a team can lose when someone scores on you it takes your momentum away.And by Norwood scoring quicky it gave us the momentum back.

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