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If you like halo3 or xbox 360 in general

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Yeah, I am on a team making a series over at www.goodgametv.com called The Dashboard. It used to be called "The Halo Reporter" before we decided to move to all games on the xbox 360. We have permission from Microsoft to make profit off of it. Anyways, I would like you guys to watch and tell me what you think. That episode really is not good at all and future episodes will be much better. Please tell me what you think.

The owner of goodgametv was on the fortune 100 list last year. His name is Brian Tang. And he has gotten investors to invest in the show which is really helpful because it allows us to buy different editing programs and other useful things to benefit the show.

My other vids are viewable at either www.halo-union.com or www.youtube.com/ukilledkenny7

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