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5 star DT William Campbell eliminates Michigan.


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I have not had a chance to see the interview which is posted on Rivals.com, but I will say this Campbell has already graduate from High School so whatever school he has chosen or chooses should already know since most schools are already registering for the Spring Semester. Michigan has had a William Campbell from Detroit, Michigan already register for the Spring Semester. So take that for what it is worth, although I don't put anything past a 16, 17 or 18 year old kid. <_< <_< <_< <_<

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but dew i thought you posted a thread saying he was a wolverine?
Dew I was told that was just part of him being accepted but he has never actually registered at the school. Take that FWIW.

As for the rest I get the feel as of today hes going to LSU.

Actually the University of Michigan only creates a profile in the student directory for students that have been accepted and registered for classes. Obviously you would probably know more than me about the situation but there are reports all over Ann Arbor and Detroit that he has been seen on Campus last week and that he has register for classes with the rest of the early enrollees. Like I said before nothing kids this age do surprise me.

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