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matthew stafford and knowshonmoreno


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moreno at peak could be a real potent RB. i might get some flame for posting this but "mcshay" says there could be 80 underclassmen for 2009 draft. read below:

they were thinking that might happen but goodell has come out and said that they wont be adjusting anything until the 2011 draft, so it shouldnt have an outraegous effect on the draft this year. thats my understanding.

If I remember correctly Berry caught Moreno from the side (not sure about this one) and Spikes caught him during a side step in the backfield when he came through untouched (very sure about this one). William "Refridgerator" Perry would have gotten lit up in those situations.

If Moreno goes to a team with an O-line he's gonna flourish. It might take a year or two like it did with Williams but he's got to much drive and heart to not IMO.

i think ill agree about the oline thing. he would be pretty darn good on the cardinals imo. i also think you are right about the heart. i think he is the leader of the team, not stafford.

I'll argue with you anyday--it's fun! I'm interested to see what TD does in this years draft. He's different than what were used to. I wasn't joking about Moreno being a Falcon. TD has the balls and patriot lineage--that always has him looking to add weapons and value! I don't see him drafting a DT in the first or RT in the first that isn't worth it.

On the Brohm pick. I still don't think he's a bust, i think he's more of a system QB. That's not bad. I almost see Bradford in the same vein. I think in the right system he can be a fine QB. Maybe even a star. ****, Joe Montana would have sucked in any offense but the WCO. Stafford is one of those rare guys with the right coaching that has the physical skills to play any system. Ryan is better than Stafford because he can play any system, but has that "it" factor.

Whoever brought up Tebow is nuts--sorry. He doesn't have an NFL qb arm. He might be a great FB or TE.

i never think youre joking about that stuff. but i think arizona would love to have him and were going to take them out of the playoffs personally so i dont think he will be available. :P but you are right, TD is going to be pretty hard to predict as far as mock drafts go. as much as that sucks for us mock draft nuts its great for the team because no one will know what hes going to do.

and i dont think hes a bust either. but as you may remember i thought he was going to be more NFL ready than ryan, henne... etc. its pretty obvious he isnt. he needs more time to adjust to the WCO. i readily expect him to take the backup spot next year from matt flynn. hopefully he proves me right. and i also agree that stafford can play in more than just one system like ryan can, but stafford just isnt the leader that ryan is and i dont think he ever will be. its the difference between good and great imo.

and agreed on tebow.

-Mr. Offseason

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Bradford had never played in Oklahoma's system prior to attending there. Somehow, he still completed 80% of his passes in his first three games. I've never seen anything like Sam Bradford and I've said as much here on a handful of occasions. No one should make the college game look this easy. It's not natural.

So did about half the rest of the quarterbacks in the entire Big 12 conference. Go look it up. Completing 80% of your passes in that conference isn't anything special.

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You're confusing an occasional hot streak versus how a player started their career. McCoy and Harrell, the two other great QBs in that conference started at 64% and 66%, respectively. Harrell's third game as a starter, he completed less than 50% of his passes against TCU, as an example. For Chase Daniel his completion percentage was only 57%.

So, no.

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