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Clayton thinks Haynesworth's most likely destination is Atlanta or Denver


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I'm calling BS on this. I'm not saying you are the one BSing, but if your not, your friend is. Neither Arthur nor TD are allowed to comment on any player currently under contract. Besides, even if this was just a hunch, Terrell Suggs in no way fits our scheme.

Call BS as much as you see fit. I'm telling you what they told him, who their targets would be. What they say there in no way can be proven and the NFL can do nothing about it. Also I wouldn't think tampering would apply as they never talked to the players that are under contract. Just like they said all the time before the draft Matt Ryan wasn't our target, knowing full well all along that he was our pick. They sometimes say things to the media to get a buzz going. I can't say if that's what they're doing or not because I'm not involved in the chess game. It was not aired. Kind of like Matt Ryan's comments on Plaxico Burress, which he recorded and I've heard, where he makes fun of him for shooting himself then saying, verbatim "aw man (realtor's nickname)... please tell me that's not on...... you gotta promise me you won't use that... I don't want to start anything."

He also went to lunch with Roddy White after the Matty Ice incident, riding in Roddy's car (the orange Chrysler 300). He told Roddy that it was the ugliest nice car he's ever seen because the colors are hideous(I tend to agree). Which Roddy told him he was wrong about.

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I don't want someone with that kind of character on our defense, I think he's going to get lazy once he gets his contract, I don't want him.

That kind of character? Exactly what kind of character are you talking about? Haynesworth had the one incident where he stomped on the guy's head, which was out of character for him. The only other thing he's ever done was the charges that were dropped stemming from a traffic ticket. Since then he's done everything he could to rectify the situation along with taking anger management. He's also very involved in charities such as Soles for Souls, March of Dimes, YMCA, Make-a-Wish, Keith Bulluck's Believe and Achieve Foundation, the Nashville Sports Council, etc.

He also personally held a meet and greet for the fans in which the money raised went to March of Dimes. Another event in which he co-hosted was the Dining for DImes dinner for celebrities, NASCAR, and athletes in which $200,000 was raised for March of DImes. He's very involved in the Y-Cap program at the YMCA which is a program for at-risk youth. He also donates thousands of autographed football items annually for charities.

And that's just the short version. Haynesworth made one misstep and everyone tries to slaughter him for it. Everyone has made a mistake before. He made one and now that's his legacy. People don't talk about his going and sitting with dying children because they want to meet their favorite player, or his charity events to raise money for those in need, or counseling children that they can rise above their situations and become successful. That story doesn't get attention because it doesn't sell.

And as for his work ethic, the guy is getting better every season where lots of people would be mad and hold-out because they're franchised tag. He continues to work hard in the off-season, going to defensive technique improvement classes with revered instructors.

I don't see anything not to like about the guy. I think he's a stud that'll be good for a long time in this league. I'd love to see him in red and black.

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That would just be soooooo much money.

What if he got hurt? I know you can say that about any guy but most guys dont cost a shiz ton of money.

What if Matt Ryan got hurt? What if Michael Turner got hurt? What if Peyton Manning got hurt? What if Tom Brady got hurt... oh wait...

Do you get the drift? Football is a violent game, and injuries happen. That's the risk you take.

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