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vikings fans are so funny,lol

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a vikings fan told me"AP wouldve gashed the falcons if he didnt have those 2 fumbles"

i explained to him that he fumbled as he was being tackled and wouldnt have gone any further

22 carries 76 yds 3.5 a carry..im pretty sure it wasnt just the fumbles that stopped him from getting yds

They would have won if they scored 45 points, too

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LOL. I hate when people say stuff like that.. It's like saying,

Oh Roddy white would have scored a touchdown. If he didnt drop the ball in the endzone...

lol well we can say that about alot of games from 05-06

but thats even beside the point..cause he wouldnt have even done it..he fumbled while he was being driven back by one of our dlineman..and another time while being tackled..there wouldnt have even been any more yards on that carry

and since he had 3.5 a carr for the game,well..yea

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Yeah, it sucks to be a giants fan right now. Im sure theyre deally with the same crap.

lol,who knows what theyll invent this weekend if they lose to the giants

lolz..we won in their house..and we have a better record and the playoffs locked up

they dont

yea they lost 4 fumbles but i mean..i thought Matt Ryan would make the rookie mistakes like they said..lol

it was them

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