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Verizon Wireless Help?


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I currently got a cell phone with Verizon. But its broke the battery cant hold a charge over 5 minutes. And it always tells me to insert battery even though it is all the way in. I want to buy a new one but I know if I get a upgrade its gonna cost me big I want a LG Dare,Voyeger,or Blackberry Storm. Those 3 phones look like the best ones they got . What should I do? Because I really dont wanna pay 410 for a phone or add another line because I want my same number. For a phone that cost 180 retail. Any helps thanks in advance.

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1. How many of that particular phone have you had? Ever had any problems out of it and returned it for repair? If it's 3 times or more, they are obligated to offer you a different phone of equal value. If you want one worth more, they have to let you pay to upgrade it.

2. How close are you to the end of your contract? If it's a 2 year contract and you're 18 months in, you're eligible for an early upgrade, which means you can get a new 2 year contract and the phone at that price. That's how I got my Titanium Voyager for $50.

3. If it were me and I'm having a problem I'd go in and talk reasonably to them, don't get angry because they're doing their job to try to make you spend as much money as they can while keeping you obligated. If they don't want to let you upgrade at a reasonable price, politely ask for the manager and explain your quandry. Tell him you're not happy with the phone and you don't want to take a chance on another one of the same model because of the bad experience with the current one. Explain that you're happy with the service, just not the phone. Most of the time the manager is reasonable and will do anything he can to help you. If he wants to be an arse about it, politely ask him what the termination of the account fee is. This lets him know you mean business and he'll be more reluctant to get you into another phone and keep your business.

Don't be rude with him and don't raise your voice. The people that make them mad are the ones that they give a hard time. Instead, be polite and respectful and they'll help you more. Keep a level head. And if you're close enough to the end of your contract to be eligible for an early upgrade discount, then you won't even have to worry about playing the game with them.

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