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Where are all you Falcons Fan from?

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I was originally born in Mountain View, Ga. This town no longer exists - but has been incorporated in part by Hapeville and in part by Forest Park.

I grew up in Georgia. My first husband was military and we moved around - were in Chicago when he got out. We then moved back to Georgia. After his death, I remarried and we moved to Sacramento, CA - where my current husband grew up. We lived there until my son was killed, then I had to come back home for my own sanity.

Eventually, we moved to South Florida and lived there for about 13 years, but moved back here several years ago. I'm here to stay now - we are in South Georgia, now - between Tifton and Cordele.

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Hmmmm... And where might this poor misguided Cowboy fan be from?? BTW merry xmas all :D:D

Nawf Cahliiina, friend!

I was just noticing many here who are Falcons fans are not from the great state of Georgia. Yet many fans of opposing teams have been blasted as " bandwagon" fans for not sharing the good statehood of their teams

I would hate for a double standard to exist. :P

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