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Sorry if already posted.Thought this was a good read.

The New York Jets' Mike Tannenbaum was my midseason favorite for executive of the year, but Thomas Dimitroff of the Atlanta Falcons will be my end-of-season selection.

It's not about how you start, it's about how you finish. Even though Tannenbaum acquired Pro Bowlers Brett Favre, Alan Faneca and Kris Jenkins, as well as Pro Bowl third alternates Tony Richardson and Calvin Pace, Dimitroff took quarterback Matt Ryan. End of story. Finding that once-in-a-decade quarterback is the most important move any general manager can make.

Any questions?

Have a question for John Clayton? Connect with him here. His mailbag appears every Wednesday.

With Ryan, there is always hope. He makes the Falcons relevant for the foreseeable future. You have to go back to Peyton Manning in 1998 to find an acquisition of equal importance. Thanks to Manning, the Colts went from worst to first in the AFC East, jumping from 3-13 in 1998 to 13-3 in '99. Thanks to Manning and Colts president Bill Polian's ability to surround him with talent, the Colts have been a contender for a decade.

Ryan has the same type of potential. He has a major league arm. He's smart enough to run a complex offense. He's able to get to his third and fourth reads. He can run no-huddle on the road. He has taken the Falcons to the playoffs in his first season. Ryan is much more than the rookie of the year. He's the next great quarterback in the league.

By signing halfback Michael Turner, Dimitroff took a lot of pressure off his rookie quarterback. A power back who can handle 25 carries a game, Turner helped the Falcons' play-action passing game become an effective weapon.

The hiring of head coach Mike Smith also was a stroke of genius. Smith's name isn't flashy, but he's simply a good coach. The Jaguars suffered without him. Smith came in with a staff of quality assistants and a no-nonsense approach to the game. He taught the Falcons how to win.

It's hard to pass on Tannenbaum because he made bold moves, and almost every one of them worked. But the Jets have faded down the stretch. They've lost three of their past four games. At 9-6, they will be out of the playoffs if they lose to the Dolphins in Week 17. Even if they win on Sunday, they could miss the postseason if the Patriots and Ravens win.

In picking Dimitroff, I'm passing on a big name -- Bill Parcells of the Dolphins. Parcells has done an incredible job in his first season running the Dolphins, who have gone from 1-15 to possibly finishing first in the competitive AFC East. Parcells improved depth and wasted no time grabbing QB Chad Pennington after the Jets cut him.

The only flaw in Parcells' plan was passing on Ryan. Jake Long should be a great left tackle for the next decade, but a franchise quarterback has more long-term clout.

Every season, a team or two goes from worst to first in a division race. Good moves, easy schedules, better quarterback play, health and luck are big factors. The challenge, though, is staying on top. Manning has kept the Colts at the top of the league during most of his tenure. The Patriots won three Super Bowls once Tom Brady took control of the offense.

Dimitroff took Ryan. The Falcons will be major factors in this league for years to come because of that move.

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Considering that the hiring of TD could mean that the Falcons remain competitive for as long as he is general manager (which could amount to several decades or more) and that his hiring took place during the last year, then it seems that the Executive of the Year is not TD, but rather the guy who hired him ...

Rich McKay!

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