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Killzone 2 Cover Revealed

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  • 2 weeks later...

Some bullet points from an interview they did.

- goal: cinematic experience. lot's of post-processing. analogue look

- motion blur per pixel,

- noise, AA

- spu's are the key for optimal performance on the PS3: Deferred Rendering

- they often use all six: for full fire fights, physics, particles, mp3 streams, 7.1 audio, lighting

- they also help to render effects. 40% extra speed thanx to the spu's

- guns have to feel realsitic, reactions have to be realistic. hit impact system. every bullet has an effect on the surrounding or people in it

- stacked animations with real time rendered ragdoll.. and yep, blow heads off...

- every polygon has mass and material

- real time ray tracing

- holes are not a flat image of a hole

- collision detection of small particles, even sparks.. icing on the cake. will often go unnoticed while playing by a lot of people.

- 5.1 ambient mp3 streams that rotate when you rotate. on top of that stereo music, 3d sound effects, voices in the right positioning, sound filtering.. all in 7.1 uncompressed sound.

- extreme amount of lightsd. 230 lights in this screen (he's showinng the screen). they are proud of this level. impressive

- the robot alone has 8 lights

- tech was developed while making the game.

- they think they can go further and beyond what they're doing with killzone 2

AND they will show us in the future!!

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