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If you are interested in the E-W Shrine Game Rosters

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Here is TBB unofficial list for the Senior Bowl

Pat White West Virginia

John Parker Wilson Alabama

Travis McCall Alabama

Antoine Caldwell Alabama

Rashad Johnson Alabama

Aaron Curry Wake Forest

Alphonso Smith Wake Forest

Chip Vaughn Wake Forest

Shawn Nelson Southern Miss

Sherrod Martin Troy

David Bruton Notre Dame

Eric Kettani Navy

Mohamed Massaquoi Georgia

Corvey Irvin Georgia

Derek Pegues Mississippi State

Tyronne Green Auburn

Vance Walker Georgia Tech

Troy Kropog Tulane

Mike Mickens Cincinnati

Trevor Canfield Cincinnati

Kevin Huber Cincinnati

Deangelo Smith Cincinnati

Pat McAfee West Virginia

Ellis Lankster West Virginia

Kyle Moore USC

Brian Cushing USC

Rey Maualuga USC

Clay Matthews USC

Fili Moala USC

Rashad Jennings Liberty

Nathan Brown Central Arkansas

Kenny McKinley South Carolina

Michael Hamlin Clemson

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Guys I'm gonna be watching


Ron Brace - DT

Sammie Lee Hill - DT

Augustus Parrish - OT

Matt Shaughnessy - DE

Otis Wiley - SS

Jahi Word-Daniels - CB


Ramses Barden - WR

Jared Bronson - TE

Philip Hunt - DE

Bear Pascoe - TE

Jason Philips - LB

I totally need to watch this game for those guys... I think all of them would do well here.

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