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Carolina Stole one Of our Players, Who would U replace him with?


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Carolina Stole one Of our Players, Who would U replace him with?

Week 16 FA





Practice Squad Available-

1.RB/FB- Tony HUnt- RB/FB Depth Stockage is always nice^

2. DT-Ed Johnson- Played Great,

LAsT GAME-Recorded 10 tackles, five solo, and one QB pressure vs. Chicago 9/7

.-->received the Thomas W. Moses Sr./Noble Max Award 2007

(2nd Chance?)

3. TE- Xavier Lee-Project-Lee currently is a wide receiver for the Southern New Hampshire Beavers, a semi-pro team.

No Practice Squad FA-3years >

1.DT-Rod Coleman- Playoff Push^

2. DT- Marcus Tubbs- 1ST ROUND PICK-(recovered from INJ)

3. DT-Ethan Kelley-338 lb- (same as Above) drafted by the New England Patriots

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I'm really surprised no one picked up Rod Coleman this year. I know he isn't quite the player he used to be and injuries kind of took their toll, but usually teams jump all over pass rushing defensive tackles like that. **** we could have used him ourselves this year on 3rd downs.

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