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2008 or 2004 team?


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Right now 2004, they went to the NFC Championship game, until this team goes further or at least equals that performance I'll stick with 2004.

Obviously this team has more potential than 2004 but my point stands.

Thanks for some reasoning. This team has a little business left to handle. I hate when these types of threads are created, but if this creater wants to compare a "playoff" berth against an NFCCG appearence...then so be it... -_-

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My only opinion on this matter is that the 2008 team seems to play more for each other than for themselves. A good team connection can take you a long way. ie giants of last year. not to many can tell me that they thought the giants were the best team going in to the playoffs. That being said we destroyed the rams at the that year dome. One of the most entertaining games I have ever been too. So mayber we were a little more explosive that year.

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Thanks for some reasoning. This team has a little business left to handle. I hate when these types of threads are created, but if this creater wants to compare a "playoff" berth against an NFCCG appearence...then so be it... -_-

Id rather see a positive thread like this then half of the negative ******** that is posted here most of the time.

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2008 by far is the better team and it's plain to see. The competition for this years team is FAR tougher. The division is tougher, the conference is tougher the coaching staff is better, the scheme is better, the attitude/work ethic is far better. The 2004 team faded down the stretch (foreshadowing of things to come), and this team definitely does not have a 56-10 loss in it.

All that being said, the results of the 2004 season are better, but the 2008 book isn't finished yet. Of course the 2004 team was helped out by playing a weak Rams team in the divisional round (the equivalent of playing the Cards this year). You see what happened when we played a real team - we were never really in that game, something that has yet to happen to the 2008 team.

I can tell you this, I feel way more confident about our future with this team as compared to that one.

Now, someone pass the smelling salts...

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2008, but not by much. I was excited in 2004 because it felt like the beginning of an era. I feel the same way now with a different cast of characters. My expectations were low going into 2004 because we looked horrible in the preseason games. My expectations were low going into this year because we lost a lot of talented players from last year's team and had to break in new ones, not to mention a new coach.

What puts 2008 over the top is that there was still a little bit of energy left over from the 2002 team and '03 seemed like an aberration to most Falcon fans. The 2004 team had a little bit to build on. The 2008 team had little to build from coming from the '07 season, and the '05 and '06 seasons. The 2008 team is a bigger shot in the arm for the organization and the city considering what it had been through.

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The 2004 team was all smoke and mirrors and gimmicks

Running QB that was not consistent in the pass game

RB's Dunn and Duckett greatly benefited from a running QB

O-Line was weak and ran the cut block gimmick whihc sucked at pass blocking

Defense was inconsistent and weak when it counted

As we saw in 2005 and 2006 that team was a house of cards waiting to fall.

We also still have a good chance to equal the same record as the 2004 team at 11-5 and can still win the division.

This team plays with heart and there are no ME first Primadonna's. This team and the 98 team have alot in common, I think this team is more disciplined than the 98 team cause if we make it to the superbowl I guarantee we won't have players sucking up the night life and getting arrested.

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Interesting question. Before I answer it I have a question. Why not compare this team to the 1998 Falcons? Is this some sort of Vick thing? If it is you should compare the 2008 team to the 2002 team when Vick played in his first year as a starter. I think that team may have been better than this team.

OK here's my answer on the 04/08 comparison. Trying to be as objective as possible. Leaving the Vick/Ryan emotions out of it. I will break it down in three areas.

1. Playoff record/Pinnacle reached

2. Regular season record

3. Key Stat comparison

Here ya go:


2004 - 1-1. First round bye, won in second round. Played in NFCCG. Down 14-10 with a quarter and a half left

2008 - TBD. Need to get at least one win to compete


2004 - 11-5

2008 - Wash assuming we beat the Rams on Sunday. If we don't. Thread over.


Category -2004 NFL Ranking -2008 NFL Ranking

Points Scored - 16 - 11

Points Allowed - 14 - 8

Rush Offense - 1 - 5

Rush Defense - 8 - 21

Turnover Ratio - 16 - 16

+20 Yard Pass Plays - 12 - 10

+20 yard Rush Plays - 1 - 7

I would conclude that it is very close. Close enough to say that until the 2008 Falcons reach a second round it goes to the 2004 Falcons because their run defense and special teams were way better.

Again if this is a Vick thing compare it to the 2002 team. In that case you gotta go with the 2002 team which blows 2008 away in most categories.

If this is a Falcon thing then neither 1978, 1980, 1983, 1991, 1995, 2002, 2004 nor 2008 is on the same planet with the 1998 team.

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Curtis tackling Vick......

I believe that the game we saw Sunday with the Vikes was actually a fairly good preview of '04 vs. '08. Jackson isn't as fast as Vick but is more accurate. Jackson seems to rely a great deal on his tight end too.....

The current team is a more solid team.

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