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If we win the division, who are the likely opponents?


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I know it depends on some other wins and losses.....just trying to guestimate who we may see or might see again.

Any ideas?

If we win the division , we will play one of these teams in the Divisional Round.

Possibility 1. Winner of Buccaneers vs. Vikings

Possibility 2. Winner of Buccaneers vs. Bears

Possibility 3. Winner of Cowboys vs. Vikings

Possibility 4. Winner of Cowboys vs. Bears

Possibility 5. Winner of Eagles vs. Vikings

Possibility 6. Winner of Eagles vs. Bears

Possibility 7. Winner of Bears vs. Vikings

So our opponents could be Bucs, Vikings, Cowboys, Eagles or Bears.

If we win the Divisional round game and the Giants win the Divisional round, then we go to the Meadowlands for the Championship game.

If we win the Divisional Round and the Giants lose - then we host the Championship and the winner of the Divisional Round comes to us.

That would be Carolina or Arizona.

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Man would I love to play a division opponent in the NFCC game.


I'm slobbering just thinking about it.

That could only be Carolina. I think that game would be so brutal that we might have to limp to the SB. I'd rather have Arizona (like they can beat the Giants and Carolina to get there - possible, but not likely). However, I think Carolina would have a chance to go beat the Giants and hopefully get so beat up in the process that we stomp 'em and go into the SB with no injuries! :P

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