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Hello fellow Falcon fans


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Hello fellow Falcon fans,

I am making this post to tell you about a new Georgia sports website called Georgia Sports Fans Forums.

This new site will include news and blogs on all of the state’s pro and college teams, as well as forums for fans to discuss all areas of Georgia’s exciting sports scene.

The forums hope to be a meeting place for all sports fans in Georgia, from the professional and college ranks all the way down to high school and youth sports. Nothing is off limits.

The site is run by a Georgia native who now lives in California, but has never forgotten his roots. He still considers himself a “Georgia Boy,” and always will. His love for his home state, both on and off the playing fields, will be easily recognizable from the beginning and will become even more apparent as the site starts to grow.

To get this site up to its full potential we need your help. All we need is for fellow sports fans to visit our site and possibly post in our forums. Have you ever been on a team forum and suddenly want to chat about another one of your local teams only to find out that there is no place for that? On our forums you won’t have to worry about that anymore.

Anyone who wants to check us out can visit us at GaSportsForums.com. We are also still looking for bloggers, so if anyone is interested feel free to drop us a line.

Hope to see you all soon. Go Falcons!

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