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I'm not being a downer. I love all the excitement. But we need to relax and take it one game at the time. Celebrate as much as we want when we are in it.


WE ARE FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT PLAYERS

We dont have to take it 1 game at a time, we can say whatever we want and it will not change the play on the field any given Sunday.

People fail to realize that when coaches say we have to take it one game at a time , they say it to the players not fans. Fans can say whatever they want.

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We need to settle down the the super bowl talk. Yes, it was a great win and making it to the playoff yesterday. I'm estatic about it, but we are still in the process. We are not there yet. No need to look way into the future yet. We have a tough road to the SB. Playoff game are harder than season.

I can honestly say that I am a well grounded and honest fan who is not given to flights of fancy or spouting hyperbole.

As such, I say....


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I understand wanting to slow down the Super Bowl talk, but I say that for a different reason. I want to enjoy EACH STEP of this amazing season. I am excited about the last game, and just excited about the Rams game. If we win that, I want to enjoy it. After such a hard past few years, I want to appreciate all of the aspects of such a marvelous season.

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Why not talk about it, if you dont talk about it now it might never happen. Why should we have to wait till the nfc championship to get to talk about going to the super bowl. I say enjoy the **** out of it since we rarely get a chance to enjoy this and I honestly look forward to talking about it in the off season analyzing every move the falcons and TD make to move us towards the SB.

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Shore up that defense before the playoffs and you'll be a tough team to beat!

Our defense is ranked #8 in scoring, would be nice to be higher though. I've added the list from NFL.com if you care to peruse. It seems that teams have a hard time scoring against the Falcons above average defense, the 'Queens on the other hand are just average.


Rk Team

1 Tennessee Titans

2 Pittsburgh Steelers

3 Baltimore Ravens

4 Washington Redskins

5 New York Giants

6 Philadelphia Eagles

7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

8 Atlanta Falcons

8 Carolina Panthers

8 Indianapolis Colts

11 Miami Dolphins

12 Chicago Bears

13 New England Patriots

14 Minnesota Vikings

15 Cleveland Browns

16 Dallas Cowboys

17 San Diego Chargers

18 Buffalo Bills

19 New York Jets

20 Green Bay Packers

21 Jacksonville Jaguars

22 San Francisco 49ers

23 Cincinnati Bengals

23 Seattle Seahawks

25 New Orleans Saints

26 Oakland Raiders

27 Houston Texans

28 Denver Broncos

29 Arizona Cardinals

30 Kansas City Chiefs

31 St. Louis Rams

32 Detroit Lions

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Over the last 5 games, the Falcons have been playing the best football in the entire NFC. Why can't we talk Superbowl? We deserve it.

There's only one other team in the NFC that is 4-1 in the past 5 games, that's Minnesota, who we obviously just beat yesterday on their home field. In the past 5 games, we embarassed Carolina, beat SD in their house, beat TB, and went to their house and beat Minnesota. Our only loss was @NO, who are 6-1 at home and were still fighting for the playoffs.

Who is playing better football in the NFC? Yeah, the Giants just beat Carolina but they also lost 2 of their last 3, inluding at their own home game against Philly. We are 4-1 over that span, all quality opponents, all quality wins.

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