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Falcons offseason for 2009


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I doubt that Thomas Dimitroff goes this way, and I would understand why - but I would like to see Falcons change the essence of their defense to a "dominating" defense. The easiest way to do that is to get another dominating defensive end. I like Julius Peppers a lot......Most likely the Panthers will franchise him but if not, then Falcons need to go get him........

2009 Free Agent Signings:

Julius Peppers, DE-Carolina

Channing Crowder, WLB-Miami

2009 NFL Draft:

1-24) B.J. Raiji, DT-Boston College (young run stuffer who has pass rush ability)

2-56) Jamon Meredith, OT-South Carolina (needed OT depth who could beat out Clabo and fill-in for Sam Baker when hurt)

3-88) Jonathan Luigs, C-Arkansas (depth for now but will take over in 2010)

4-125) Curtis Taylor, SS-LSU (thumper who can serve an apprenticeship under Lawyer Milloy)


Roddy White, WR - he's not free agent but go ahead and lock him up

Dominque Foxworth, CB

Coy Wire, SLB

Harvey Dahl, RG

Tyson Clabo, RT

I think this offseason would make the Falcons defense as dominant as the Falcons offense now is........would give the Falcons more balance which is needed to compete for Lombardi Trophy year-in and year-out.

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