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I want Clint Sintim, OLB, UVA


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Of course Curry would be a fantastic pick, but he will be long gone by the time we select. Should we not resign Boley, I would love to draft Clint Sintim. He's a monster.

Height: 6-3. Weight: 254.

Projected Projected 40 Time: 4.66.

Projected Round (2009): 1.

Also listed in the defensive end section.

12/6/08: Playing rush linebacker in the 3-4, Clint Sintim has been a pass-rushing machine, owning 12.5 TFL and 11 sacks in 10 games. He can also play strongside linebacker in the 4-3.

5/16/08: Clint Sintim should be able to play strongside or middle linebacker at the next level. After struggling through injuries in 2006, Sintim had an outstanding junior campaign. One more great season, and we could be talking second round.

What do you think?

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sure he is. you can always use a big LB as just that or a drop down DE. just see Demarcus Ware. the boys run a combination D... sometimes showing a 4-3 with Demarcus coming off the edge. you cant teach size and speed.

I think we can get choose from a handful of the following players with our 1st round pick:

LB Maualuga

LB Laurinitis

S Taylor Mays

DE Everette Brown

DT B.J. Raji

DT Cody (If he comes out)

LB Cushing

S William Moore

LB Aaron Curry

CB Vontae Davis

LB Brandon Spikes

DE Michael Johnson

Do you really think Sintim is better than any of those guys?

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Again epic fail thinking Maualuga can play OLB in the NFL, his hips are stiffer than Gholstons.

Completely disagree. You dont have to believe me, just search the draft guru blogs around the net. There has been so much written on Laurinitis and Maualuga. I have said before and will stick by my stance that Rey Rey can move outside and play in the NFL without missing a beat. James Laurinitis is a middle backer at heart, and doesnt have the freakish athletic ability that Rey Maualuga has.

You can disagree if you like, but Maualuga is going to be a beast in the pros no matter what position he plays. Every single team in the NFL would take Rey Rey and put him at MLB, WLB, SLB .. doesnt matter. Hes a baller. A killer. An impact player. He may be a better pro than collegiate player. Thats scary.

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sintim seems more of a 3-4 OLB to me. having seen aaron curry play, i really hate his build for SLB. he is top heavy like tj ducket. he looks like an undersized DE to me. they say he is too straight linish which i observed in a game and i believe his build has a lot to do with it. i'm not interested in curry. tyrone mckenzie looks more like what i want at SLB. he has the right movement skills and tackling ability too.

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