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Another big win and the key's I have been tracking were important again

so let's take a look at:


We got Turner established early and set a pattern in place to run

our offense. It was good to see Snelling get a couple of touches

and Norwood get a score on the shuttle pass.

The thing to remember about this game was who we were playing

and their ability to stop the run. Statistics were muted but the impact

of moving the ball and spreading it around to different ball carriers was

enough get us through a very tough matchup.


Just as it was important to remember who we were playing against

running the ball it was a factor again in the passing game where they

are not world beaters. They had a statistical success with good completion

% but we contained them. Houston can be picked on but he is a good enough

athlete to make them pay and give them something to think about. So, with

him it was another mixed bag: good and bad. Foxworth is beginning to find

his footing with us. Chevis Jackson seems to have a knack for playmaking.

Our defensive scheme was bringing lots of pressure and for the most part

just missing Jackson all day but we had him rattled. I remember thinking "If

we ever do get a sack, it will probably be a big one". Abe came through and

it was at a good time.

Tremendous Win!! A team effort that took veterans, rookies and a coaching

staff working together to pull it off.

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