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Im about to lose my dang mind over here. Lets get this win

:lol: I heard that...I'm so jacked right now it's ridicilous. We could not have hoped for a better outcome the last 24 hours. Dallas lost, Tampa bay lost, and the rams are winning which would help if we lose today. I think if they win, we get the tie breaker over tampa bay if we both win our last games.

Regardless, I hope and pray the entire falcons team plays the game of their lives. It would be sooo nice to sit back and watch next weeks games without any worries. This team, this city, and their fans deserve this in the worst way after last year's embarrassing season. Please falcons go out and play your hearts out and kill them!!

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Seriously, I think I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown right now. I'm shaking and I can't sit down for even a minute. I keep pacing and my husband keeps giving me things to do - feed the dogs - bring me a beer - you know - anything to keep me from pacing.

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