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Back in 1995 I vowed to never root for the purple and black team from Baltimore. Rat-birds, I called them. They had just ripped my football soul from my body, sealing Northeast Ohio's football fate with a clandestine tarmac handshake between Governor Glendenning and (Jump) Art Modell. Growing up in Cleveland and bleeding brown and orange, a big piece of me was missing when the Browns slinked off to B-more.

But alas, time heals all wounds, and last night at the Champps Sports in downtown Minneapolis I found myself not just rooting, but willing with every ounce of my being a Ravens victory over the Cowboys.

Mission accomplished.

We're now pulling for the Chargers in a game that's the west coast visitors lead by 7. A Bucs loss fully sets the table to cap off this wonderful ride that is the 2008 season with a playoff berth. And yet we MUST take care of business here this afternoon.

Make no mistake, this is a playoff play-in game. It's the biggest game for this franchise since the 2004 NFC Championship game in blustery Philadelphia.

Here's what I expect:

>>Jerious Norwood gets his swagger back and rumbles for several "explosive" plays (defined as plays of 20 yards or more).

>>Matt Ryan finds Harry Douglas and MIchael Jenkins in seams that open up in the Vikings' cover-two scheme.

>>John Abraham gets medieval on Vikings tackle Artis Hicks. Snub+Chip+Shoulder=Long day for T. Jack

>>The Sooner Sledgehammer (Cu-Lo) racks up double-digit tackles, with most of them on his college teammate, the prolific Adrian Peterson.

Again, no more scoreboard watching. Let's TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS.

Are you ready for some Falcons football?


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I wasn't this nervous on my wedding day..........

Heading over to Superfan's place in an hour......

C'mon Birds! I believe in all of you guys!!!

Let's do this thing!

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