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Our 1pm Fight Song!


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haha i would hate to be in front of him if he was hungry! get in my belly

We will be watchin the game and it will go something like this.

Billick-T.Jackson hands it to AP for a run up the middle. Where did he go?

Baldy- I don't see him no where.

Stockton- In all my years I have never seen anything like this.

Grady- GET IN MY BELLY!!!!!!!!(as he grabs his belly and jiggles it).

Billick- No way he did that lets see a replay.

Billick, Baldy, and Stockton- Oh my god. He actually ate him.

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man never thought I would be rooting for the chargers...But GOD i hope they can win....


i dont like rivers.... a friend of mine has a huge mancrush on him....tries to tell me that rivers is more talented than ryan...insanity

Rivers is talented, but he isn't the smartest QB. Makes a lot of questionable throws. Today, I hope he is Dan Fouts.

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