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If JA98 were ever to have a break-out game, this would be it


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ryan cook was the starter last year for all 16 games. marcus johnson is a guy they had high expectations for, but he just did'nt pan out. i was surprised to hear baldinger say last week that cook nd johnson were turnstiles with legs and that artis hicks, an OG, had been playing RT for them but that he was'nt the answer either. i thought the were saying ryan cook was a pleasant surprise a year ago and had solidified the position they expected johnson to. ryan was a 2nd rd pick in 06. like tavares jackson, he may not relinquish his starting role again given a second chance. at 6-6, 328 pds, ryan will be a handful in the run game which is how they want to start so they can play action to their speedy WR's(berrian, rice, wade) down the field.

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The problem I see with Anderson at this point is that I do not see the explosive burst in space to close on the QB. Many say he can;t get off the line and blah,blah, blah, but the fact is he's been in the backfeld numerous times and justnot ben able to get to the QB. Just like with Abraham, there are games where he's not been in the backfield and games they have been. Abraham has the best closng speed of any DE I've ever seen though, where *to date* I haven;t seen it in Anderson.

I warn everyone though, this was the same problem I saw in Roddy all throughout his second season. He didn;t appear to have that separation speed (explosive burst) and rarely ever got separation. (this is backed up by Brian Baldingers multiple game analysis that was seen by most message board members, as well as Coach Reeves saying our wrs couldn;t get separation and many of us fans saying it)

Despite it "appearing" Roddy lacked the explosive burst to create separation, Roddy's game came together his 3rd season and he is now a Pro Bowl WR. Just as it appeared Roddy lacked it, it also "appears" JA98 does not have the explosive burst to close on the QB.

I will wait until next year to see if JA98 can do as Roddy did and have a break out year. I have no idea if JA98 will ever be any better than he is right now, but my mind is not closed to the possibility as it is with some aroud here.

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Lets get the facts straight.

Ryan Cook started all 16 games last year

Ryan Cook was our starter to start the year with Artis Hicks playing left tackle for the suspended Mckinnie. Cook played against top DE's going against GB, Carolina, Indianapolis, and Tennessee to start the season. Hick's eventually replaced Cook for a few games due to Hicks outplaying Cook but due to injury Cook is back in at starter.

Cook is average and a weakness on the Vikes O-Line. But he is not a career backup, started most of last season including last week.

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