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Vote for Ryan's pass against Chicago for...


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Sorry man, I'd like to, but there's no way I'm voting against John Smoltz after everything he has meant to this city for so long. Ryan's play was great, but c'mon! It's Smoltzy!

I agree. Ryan will have his time, so there's no way that im going to vote against Smoltz!

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I love the Braves and I love the Dawgs and the HS play was amazing.

But, if Ryan hadn't made that throw - there would be little or no chance of playoffs this year. I was at the game - most electric sports moment I've felt in years.

Rookie or not - this was the play that moved us into being a respected team and we would not be talking all these playoff talks without it. There have been numerous threads entitled - When did you know Ryan was for real? About 40% specifically named that throw. How significant is that, it converted 40% of our fans into believers. I have to go with Ryan.

For those of you who dismiss the relevance of that throw by saying - well, he'll get his chances .... SMH

Those of you who don't understand the significance or amazing reality of that throw - SMH

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