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For the 1pm games..

Root for

STL to beat SF

SD to beat TB

For the 4pm games..

IF STL loses to SF, you must root for PHILLY to lose to WASH.

IF STL beats SF, root for PHILLY to beat WASH

also root for:

Jets to beat SEA

ATL to beat MINN

Reason for the "IF" scenarios with the Philly v. Washington game. If Seattle loses out and STL beats SF, we will have the same SOV as Tampa and it will go to SOS. In the SOS, we can beat TB by having Philly win out and posting a better record than the Dallas Cowboys. Then we would have the tie break against Tampa.

If STL loses to SF, then we cannot win a tiebreaker vs. Tampa no matter what. Then we must root for Philly to lose to Washington. Then Philly can turn around next week and beat Dallas, which makes Atlanta only need 1 win to make the playoffs.

You confused yet? Just read what I wrote tomorrow so you know how to root.

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Oh for the love of God.....

Do ppl REALLY NEED to be told who to root for......

Support the Falcons.......do not worry about the rest unless we need to......WE ARE IN CONTROL OF OUR OWN DESTINY NOW!

Yes. Because if you had see "what the bleep do we know", then you would realize the importance of positive thinking.

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If you want to the tie breaker over Tb then you would want both StL and Philly to win and Seattle to lose. You want StL and Seattle to both finish with 3 wins and eagles to finish over dallas to have the tie breaker over TB

But if STL loses, then root for Philly to lose too. If STL loses, we can no longer win a tiebreak vs. TB.

STL plays at 1pm.. WASH PHILLY is at 4. So youll know who we want to win by gametime.

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