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I said it before and I'll say it again...

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After having the most absurd, unbelievably, embarrassing, horrifying, awful season the NFL may have EVER seen (unless the Lions do the unthinkable going 0-16 which btw is THE ONLY way you could make last year look better) I made the claim a couple of weeks ago after losing to the Aints that we will still make the playoffs. Alot of you great fans said the same, some haters and doubters claimed that we would not. I'm not here to pull a "nan-nan-na-boo-boo" on anyone because I know there are games left to play, (cue the Jackson Five) but can't you feel it now? :huh: The stars are lining up for us perfectly (thank you over-rated Cowgirls!). A rookie QB, a rookie head coach, a rookie GM, a first time full-time starter at RB, rcvrs WE'VE ALL doubted had a total of ten fingers before, a defense that had more people run through it than the turnstiles at the Marta Five Point station, an o-line that couldn't block an unwanted email with the best spam-blocker money could buy and a kick game that couldn't win a kickball contest against dead people before the season started now have turn into a team that has playoffs written all over it. Just having this REAL playoff hope this deep into the season after last year is the best Christmas I've had (and I know I'm dating myself here) since I got that Atari game system when I was a kid.

Bump this if you feel me and if you don't, have a couple of more beers (like I have) and then maybe you will. The Vikings are going down tomorrow baby!!


We can no longer deny it:


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