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i feel so bad for steven jackson, i really believe if he was on a actual team he would be the second best back in the nfl behind ap.

Jackson reminds me an awful lot of AP. Both are bigger backs, with an upright running style. Both run very hard, and look for contact. Both have well above average speed/power. Both have had the 'injury prone' tag (although Jackson is actually living up to his). The only real difference between the two is that Jackson is a great receiver outta the backfield.

If only he could stay healthy, cuz when he is, he might be the best back in NFL.

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Woulda, coulda, shoulda, are the funniest arguments of them all. AP and Turner are proving their worth, Jackson not so much. Until he proves it like AP and Turner then you have nothing. That is like saying Reggie Bust is a great RB just because he gets $70 MIL and was drafted #2 overall...I mean where is the logie in that?

why do you bring everything back to turner or reggie?

reggie= 99 yards on 18 touches

turner= 104 yards on 22 touches

jackson= 109 yards on 23 touches

peterson= 121 yards on 24 touches

i don't get your argument, i'd say they are all good.

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