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Who is the best offensive TRIO in the NFL (QB, RB, WR)


Where do the Falcons rank?  

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  1. 1. who has the best offensive trio in the NFL?

    • Ryan, Turner, White - Falcons
    • Rivers, Tomlinson, Chambers - Chargers
    • Romo, Barber, Owens - Cowboys
    • Rodgers, Grant, Jennings - Packers
    • Reothlisberger, Parker, Ward - Steelers
    • Manning, Addai, Wayne - Colts
    • Manning, Jacobs, Burress - Giants
    • Favre, Jones, Cotchery - Jets
    • Brady, Maroney, Moss - Patriots
    • Delhomme, Williams, Smith - Panthers

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So who has the best big 3? I didnt include teams that had a glaring weakness at 1 or more of the positions. Only teams that are pretty strong at all 3 spots. I listed what I feel is the top 10 trios in the league. If anyone thinks one should be replaced w another, just chime in.

So do the Falcons have the best 3?

let's see what people think.....

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I think you're right. It used to be Manning-Edge-Harrison. But now I don't see anyone as well-rounded as the Falcons trio. When healthy I like Ben-Parker-Ward and Brady-Maroney-Moss. I also liked Manning-Jacobs-Plax. DeAngelo Williams and Steve Smith make for a sick RB/WR combo but the QB is, despite his experience, not as good as Ryan.

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I must say, I am suprised no one has voted for the Pats yet. That trio was the core of one of the best offenses in NFL history just last season. :o

I am looking at these guys when healthy and on the field.

I voted pretty much based on this season. But I will agree when healthy the Pats or the Colts or the Steelers have just as good or better trios as the Falcons.

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