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John Abraham and Matt Ryans fav

michael nagra

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JA55---Yo Jersey says yo last name, but you MINE BOY!

MR2----I don't eat to much of pork, but I'm in love with the pigskin, and all I realy know how to do is win.

MT33---I don't talk to those boys that sat on them benches, cause I was in the game on forth and inches, COACH put me in the game on forth and inches, and Imma leave all those boys at the line of scrimmage, ya I see them boys all behind me windless.

RW84---Cornerbacks, Safteys I burn emm like incents, widereciver ya I'm catchin' Hailmary's I'm cristian.

One of the few good post carter 3 songs by lil wayne.

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